Friday 8 April 2011

Would you like chips with that

Having several different interface boards now with some not working or not working well, I have been scouring the web for some replacement hard to find Integrated Circuits (ICs). What is amazing is the price range for some of these ICs, from a few pence to several hundred pounds.

A bit of help from the forum put me in touch with an American distributor of electronic components and a bit of creative thinking for another IC used in a less popular computer (Dragon) has allowed me to order ICs from both sources on the same day, both took four days to arrive in the post (not parcel delivery) one however was 150 miles away the other a bit more from the US.

I will now see if I can get the boards working with these replacements components and report back sometime, or if all that QL Tinkering has been in vain :(

Such is the life


  1. If you have any Sandy boards, let me know what fault they're exhibiting and I'll do what I can to point you in the right direction.

  2. Thanks for the offer however the boards I am having issues with are 1 x Medic and 3 x Microperipherals, no Sandy ones I am afraid.