Thursday 14 April 2011

2B or NOT 2B

So plowing through manuals for QL Interfaces and Disk systems, I am constantly reminded "So which is it Disc or Disk"? I never have really found properly or if I did, I cannot remember.

Wikipedia (that font of all unchecked knowledge) is just as inconclusive.

So for me as of now I try to use 'Disk' when referring to a Disk Drive stuff and 'Disc' when referring to Floppy Disc stuff.

So the instruction manual should read according to my rules, "You place the floppy disc in to the disk drive and then reset your QL. After pressing F1 or F2 the disc will spin up and the operating system will look on the disc for the file BOOT. Once loaded the QL will act upon the Superbasic instructions and if no longer required the Disk drive will cease spinning the floppy disc.

And there you have it.

Hmmm still not sure :(

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