Friday 22 April 2011


It makes me smile seeing some of the the wording used in original QL manuals I have been looking at recently, the first entry into my 'Hall of Infame' in particular some Digital Precision software manuals have phrases such as "I am sure if you send Digital Precision the original disk and a 'fiver', they will be able to replace this". To international readers they must have been scratching their heads as to what on earth that means, to other 'professionals' well I would leave that to to them.

The second entry follows what demonstrates as instructions on what to type in to access files on the microdrive and specifically states "MDV, FLP or whatever ", I cannot help but laugh at this  for two reasons, firstly the writer gives the impression he nearly gives up on writing the instructions and cant be bothered to tell you any more (we've all been there) and the likes of Catherine Tate's character "Am I bovvered?" as the second thought that crosses my mind as 'whatever' can no longer be used in the normal context with a big VV made with your own fair hands.

In my head reading 'whatever' always comes out as 'wot evvverrrrrrrr' being subject to either the comic talents reflecting "life!" from Ms Tate or other such TV programmes that are dished out, subjecting us to the barrage of life on the streets for the common 'man' (woman) especially in London or other similar urban areas.

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