Monday 18 April 2011

It's a long way, to tip the 'merry'

Setting out on my trip up north to the Quanta workshop and AGM meeting starts with a playlist of suitable music to listen to/sing along to (yes I am on my own) or shout out to. From Donna Summer to Girls Aloud to Take That, a variety to amuse myself as I am making my way up the M11.

I was listening to the music and perusing the last few days regarding character 181, seemingly a misnomer in the Sinclair QL character set as it doesn't appear to be anywhere else any more. Among the searches on the interweb (as the results from Google list and list and list their titles and brief sentence showing the 'FONT' key words I put in) I fleetingly remember seeing a site reporting the inconclusive information as to what font is agreed upon for road signs in the UK.

So as I drive I am taking particular notice of the blue road signs, until I got to Cambridge where the the sign was telling me to turn off for Cambridge, ah! I thought, Sinclair, Science of Cambridge, birth of the QL etc. Then next sign a mile or so along the road  then says Cambridge, and below it said Sandy, wow a place called Sandy (in my head goes 'ding') wondering if this was where Sandy Computers used to be based and its close proximity to Cambridge (i.e. Sinclair). Yes of course its obvious now, but you don't tend put these things together until it really hits you in the face so to speak.

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