Sunday 20 March 2011

Oh!, think twice, its another day for you...

I am reliably informed by the students I teach that having a 'blonde moment' is not sexist nor insulting against blonde women it is just a normal expression used by the youth apparently, so taking that at face value, I have recently had a blonde moment, engaging in a thread (I wont say where but you can guess) just before doing something else, the conversation was about Miracle Systems floppy disk interface, I quickly added I recently got hold of two but they were not working and left it at that. 

Suffice to say that later when looking at that thread the response was quizzical as it referred to Trump Card, now I have heard this before on various mailing lists, websites etc. the Trump Card was a bit like the Gold Card or the Super Gold Card fancy name and it did stuff but I never got to know exactly what or I made assumptions about what it did. 

The problem here is that when you are trying to catch up several years worth of history, a lot of reading about STUFF tends to blur together, as reading most of the articles is a bit like watching the film The Exorcist with present day expectations, so what, mediocre special effects, naff  storyline. Its all out of context as The Exorcist was a turning point film with ground breaking special effects and covering taboo subjects.

With this mind, the STUFF tends to blur and I don't know what any of the significances are as I am reading about it all, just taking note of names that seem familiar, anyhoo, following the follow-up post I went to photograph the two interfaces realising they were not Miracle Systems but Micro Peripherals, if you squint your eyes at the two you will see that it is difficult to see the difference. That was my blonde moment.

I suppose all this will come with time but making those sorts of silly mistakes is inevitable as you get older, however its not until you look in to the history of the QL you then start to realise how many companies were involved. the ones that sold the most, notorious or lasted the longest are now familiar, but there were loads of others.

Finally I put a spin on the oft said CD-ROM publicity phrase Write once Read many times, for posting however it should be Read many times, Write once...

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