Friday 25 March 2011

It sounds so nice, what you're proposin'

As we approach the Quanta's AGM, the first one for me, I note two things, the first is that there seems to be a flurry (if that is the right word I am thinking of) of activity on the 'boards (a name I will use to describe forums; mailing lists; emails and whatever from now on). Lots of things are being brought up, legalities, procedures, what should be voted on and what shouldn't, what is appropriately proposed and what isn't, my thought on what I observe is "is this normal a few weeks before an AGM?", for seasoned veterans of Quanta, they would know, for the first year for me, I don't.

My only other recall way back in I think, 1986 of the Quanta AGM was of a furore involving Freddy Vacha (I think I have got that right) from Digital Precision and a possible take-over. I am very hazy about the details mainly because, the only form of instant communication was the land line telephone then, you didn't have everyone's numbers stored up and readily available. So it was when you saw someone who then related it third hand, or reading it in a magazine (a watered down version) or in a letter from a friend or someone in the know, and if it was sent first class then you got the following day whoohoo.

The second thing I am reminded of from noting the goings on is that I haven't got time to reply, or that commenting on it is low on my list of priorities, I am reaching maximum capacity on things I am doing at the moment in regards to the QL. What amazes me is that I seem to be juggling about nine or ten things at the moment, and that I am still doing it, the fact that my brain hasn't given up on me and decided to have a lost memory shut-down sequence, unlike my laptop which has done so three time now.

The fact that I call it juggling and not multitasking is interesting, my other half would have a fit if she new I was doing more than three things at once. For some unknown reason, if I am washing up stuff and she is talking to me, I have to ask her to repeat what she has been saying, and then get accused of not listening to her, how unfair is that? When the boot (no QL pun intended) is on the other foot and I start talking to her about QL stuff, Quanta AGM on any STAR WARS related fact she falls asleep, and I am not allowed to criticise that situation, as if I do I then get accused of sounding nerdy. Oh well, roll on Friday 15, I am going up to Manchester early.

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