Thursday 17 March 2011

And another one down and another one down, another one bytes the dust

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in to the water, nope, scratch that. Just when you thought it was ok to, nope scratch that too. Just when I thought I had a fair number of acronyms under my belt and started to get a handle on things regarding the history of the QL since 1984. A kind soul gently reminds me directly and indirectly this is not the case. Directly being corrected, as the Super Gold Card (SGC) is not an add-on that increases the colours the QL has, no, in fact it adds processing power, memory, floppy access and printer port, quite popular by all accounts as seen below (which is a link to the QL Wiki where the image lies and a much better description than mine, an excellent wiki setup for all things QL and not an image I have have taken).

I presume its called Gold coz of the colour of that damn great big heatsink on the left. Anyway, when I thought I had finished a few understandings (is that a real word?) of acronyms etc. and after being corrected on an assumption about the SGC, another online conversation I observed (lurked) that same evening more acronyms. It was a conversation that referred to some new super duper system that could be used a replacement QL, infact this device could sit inside a QL case on top of a newly designed PCB to replace the existing QL circuit board. This was not only an exciting prospect and an exciting project but also full of more contractions to add to my (mis)understanding of the Sinclair QL in todays context, will it never end?

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