Monday 14 March 2011

Many a tear has to fall

So you have made the decision deliberately or otherwise to get back into computing, specifically the Sinclair QL and you wonder what to do first. My way as I was laid up at the time was to read as much as I could. This has an upside as well as a downside, you do find out things by reading, the more you read, the more you absorb the information obviously. Unfortunately there is a a lot of information out there and it can be a bit daunting to the complete newcomer and very tiresome to the returner.

My advice is to not give up but to concentrate on one particular feature first and leave everything else alone, easier said than done I know, and there will be other things that pop up that either get in the way or distract you in what you are trying to do. At the present I have three projects on the go that need finishing within three weeks as a deadline is looming, all QL related and all interlinked and all with the same priority.

Occasionally I come across a link to a website that I don't recognise or haven't been on before, this has to be checked out to see if it's QL relevant, if there is anything worth reading, if there is anything worth downloading, if there is anything worth trying and irrespective of that it has to be bookmarked.

A lot of the time unfortunately the websites relating to the QL were written or designed during the early stages of the Internet becoming available and sadly are no longer relevant, become a broken link, were poorly designed especially when considering todays modern understanding of the younger target audience attention span. The thing is, is no one as far as I know, has a website that lists web page links that are not worth looking at, the "Bottom Ten" websites instead of the "Top Ten" so to speak hardly makes interesting reading, although in this case it might be useful.

Now what was I doing?

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