Friday 4 March 2011

Information Train

Joining Quanta and looking at their website you eventually find a page directing you to a load of other 'useful' sites, some of which are very useful, some contain a loads of information others you only spend a very short time before you realise you need to move on to the next. All of these sites contain links pages but not all the links work, some of the links are dead, why?.

Information is worth money on the web, the currency is is time, spending time looking at information that is out of date is so so annoying. Especially when your trying to find out the latest information about something. If I am new to the QL scene or returning to the QL scene and I want to find out the latest situation on what I can get, do I need to know the history? maybe, do I need to know what I can get hold of now? definitely, do I need to know whats no longer available? well its not high on the list but some sites don't tell you this, dates guys information needs to be dated, blogs are really good for that automatically, unfortunately a lot of websites don't.

The Sinclair QL web ring is a great example of things all going wrong, with about three useful sites on it and the rest no longer exist, what a waste of time. Decent sites should take car how they are perceived went attached  to such annoying irregularities.  

The first two sites I came across that showed immediate promise will be no surprise to anyone, and looking for emulator on RWAP you get straight away that "it is becoming increasingly more common to use an emulator as a means of using older computer systems, without needing to clutter up your desk space.  In recent years, the QL has spawned many emulators working on various computer platforms.", this is exactly what you need, on Dilwyn's site, clicking on emulators what's the first thing we get "Updated:30/10/10", exactly the information we need and then on to the downloads. 

Why cant all cars be made this way? 

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