Monday, 30 January 2012

Copy that

I see a new version of QemuLator is out for Windows with hopefully a similar update to the MAC following shortly behind.

There is also a blog now to follow (see to the right of the top of my screen) for QemuLator fans, hopefully more QL stuff to look at, read and digest for all us diehards.

Here's hoping to another year of QL stuff to enjoy


Version for the MAC OS X (spelling error on the blog) is now available at 1.1, going to download this as soon as possible to see what gives :) or as Cartman says with lip hanging out one side of the mouth "smiley face"

-------- see my links to the side for Qemulator blog

There's a lot of it about

The forums are taking to task the possiblities of a SuperQL (like the name) using existing boards like the FPGA or Natami (nope havent a clue either) to stick a new QDOS on, sounds great but I suspect will take awhile to get there. In the meantime I thought, what a SuperQL would have as a set of specifications?

1600 x 1200 resolution screen
16M colours with transparency options

maybe more to follow after some thought?

Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's been so long

Yep, been a bit busy, however if you looking for some smart new front covers for your e-book, if you have been following the DJ exploits on the subject, then feel free to grab these front covers from here-

enjoy :)