Friday, 21 October 2011

Scalextric Anyone

Getting a racing set built by myself with my Dad's help resulted in a small but satisfying mini Scalextric, however because of the size of the track, the car couldn't go very fast without spinning off, the car was just too fast and also there are only so many laps you can complete on your own without any other competition to maintain the interest :( (I think it was more about building it than playing it which is why I think I went it to engineering when I left school). Eventually I moved on to other engineering things like the cellar in my parents home with all the electrics for the house coming together on one board and some paint. But that's another story. :)

Recounting this past exploit on the forum, I came up with an idea, so....

I just did a quick look around to see if I could find the orange racing car I bought, and here it is worth £45 now apparently.

I go on thinking that this might be an interesting project, a Scalextric circuit where one car was controlled by the QL, to which you race against. Some A/D needed I suppose, or has this already been done I wonder, anyone?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Computer Science

Slightly off topic, tonight on Newsnight is a piece about the ‘Raspberry Pi Organisation’ and it’s imminent  first release of a tiny computer system, amongst others there will be David Braben (of elite fame) talking to camera not just about the small computer but also about getting kids into the excitement of computer 'science' that existed around Cambridge in the early 80’s. A taster can be found here  

From an academic perspective, the item tantalisingly gives a brief insight in teaching 'computers' and the short video includes some of the frustrating aspects of ICT, listen to what students say about it. You may find the piece interestingly and relates to how students feel. Awarding bodies please wake up to what should be happening.
IMHO, this is what QUANTA should be steering towards.

Update - got the day wrong, however you can watch it on iplayer and it is 30 minutes in.