Saturday 25 February 2012


There is a Spanish QL game which can be downloaded from: ... castigo.ql
 it is in Spanish obviously and I thought I would try converting it without having any knowledge of the Spanish language and using the web to do the job for me. I tried a sample of the programme and run it through a variety of websites Babel Fish, Yahoo etc. before settling on Google translate, the result is shown below. Unfortunately some Spanish words are used as English words and won't convert and will need a search and replace method such as Narrate and Print. Some REM statements get reversed and some meanings get lost in translation, see below and you will understand. Other than that it looks a doable project, I may do this in time for the AGM.

sample original

  490 rem --------------------------------------------
  500 rem Argumento
  510 rem Plot
  520 defproc plot
  530   rem Comprueba las condiciones de la trama.
  540   rem Check the plot conditions.
  550   if current_location=8 and location_exit(8,north)
  560     let location_exit(8,north)=false
  570     let saxons_follow=1
  580     narrate "Una partida sajona aparece por el este. Para cuando te vuelves al norte, ya no te queda ninguna duda: era una trampa."
  590     short_pause
  600     narrate "En el estrecho paso es posible resistir, aunque por desgracia sus efectivos son muy superiores a los tuyos."
  610     end_of_scene:clear_screen
  620     narrate "Tus oficiales te conminan a huir."
  630     speak "Capturando a un general britano, ganan doblemente."
  640     narrate "Sabes que es cierto, y te duele."
  650     ret
  660   endif
  670   if saxons_follow and current_location<12
  680     let saxons_follow=saxons_follow+1
  690     narrate "No sabes cu·nto tiempo te queda..."
  700     if saxons_follow>10 
  710       narrate "Los sajones te capturan. Su general, sonriendo ampliamente, dice:"
  720       speak "Bien, bien... Del gran Ulfius podremos sacar una buena ventaja."
  730       end_of_scene:clear_screen
  740       action_end
  750     endif
  760     if current_location<10 
  770       narrate "Tus hombres luchan con denuedo contra los sajones."
  780     endif
  790     ret
  800   endif


-------------------------------------------- 490 rem
   500 rem Argument
   Plot 510 rem
   520 defproc plot
   530 rem Check the condition of the weft.
   540 rem Check the plot conditions.
   550 if current_location = 8 and location_exit (8, north)
   Let location_exit 560 (8, north) = false
   570 saxons_follow let = 1
   580 narrate "A game Saxon appears in the east. By the time you turn north, you no longer can be no doubt: it was a trap."
   590 short_pause
   600 narrate "In the narrow passage is possible to resist, but unfortunately their numbers are much higher than yours."
   610 end_of_scene: clear_screen
   620 narrate "Your official enjoin you to flee."
   630 speak "Capturing a general Briton, winning twice."
   640 narrate "You know it's true, and it hurts."
   650 ret
   660 endif
   670 if saxons_follow and current_location <12
   Let saxons_follow 680 +1 = saxons_follow
   690 narrate "Do you know · cu much time you have left ..."
   If saxons_follow 700> 10
   710 narrate "The Saxons captured you. His general, smiling widely, said:"
   720 speak "Well, well ... From the great Ulfius we can get a good lead."
   730 end_of_scene: clear_screen
   740 action_end
   750 endif
   760 if current_location <10
   770 narrate "Your men fight bravely against the Saxons."
   780 endif
   790 ret
   800 endif

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