Tuesday 7 February 2012

Somethings are just meant to be

A possible glimpse into the future is this environmentally friendly black box (only because it doesn't need manufacturing again) but getting something a little more from it by extending it's life. The keyboard patched in is from Amazon £8, the blue LED is from Maplins £2.50 replacing the red one normally indicating access to the Microdrive, for one accessing data from an SD card. Under the hood is subject to conjecture but one possibility is the Raspberry Pi £25 (or thereabouts once it is available at the end of February we are now told) running Linux, running one of a small handful of QL emulators (you know the rest).

Once I can get my hands on all the bits to do it , I might just have a go at this. :)


  1. Like the ideas. Is it a photoshop image or a prototype. What about connecting the original QL keyboard to a usb or PS2 connection?

  2. No its just a PhotoShop mockup, I looked at using the QL keyboard and interfacing it to a USB output, however I gave up on that as the cost was spiralling towards the £100 mark. If someone can actually do it (and cheaper) then I may look in to it again.