Monday 21 November 2011

I got the key, I got the secret

In a recent spate of QL'ing an interesting thing has turned up when using Qemulator on the MAC OSX 

I recently purchased a MACBook PRO and running Qemulator I find that the keyrow function does not work at all but the inkey$ does :(

I use this simple program to test, but to no avail, the key character and code number crop up but no key row numbers.

10130 CLS
10140  REPeat loop
10150   CURSOR 0,100
10160    FOR f=0 TO 7
10170     PRINT "Keyrow ";f,KEYROW(f);"   "
10180    NEXT f
10190    A$=INKEY$
10200    IF A$=CHR$(27) THEN EXIT loop
10210   PRINT "   Key - ";A$;"  ";CODE(A$);"   "
10220  END REPeat loop

The next thing I tried was on my iMAC which is about three years old and hey presto the same program works perfectly, and it registers the keys, function ones (F1 etc.) as well as reporting appropriate numbers.

Both systems are running OSX Lion

So what is happening, why should the Laptop erghhmmn, 'the Macbook' keyboard be any different to the iMAC. Very very strange indeed.

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