Sunday 20 November 2011

The first time

Well no surprises here, these are the first few lines of the boot program, for me I like to have the full screen regardless of size, 512x256 being the minimum, but what of the maximum hmmnn.

QPC2 provides a couple of extensions scr_xlim and scr_ylim(without looking it up the exact syntax), however the basic QL emulated or not doesn't. So what assumptions can I make? well the best I can hope for is TK2.

Therefore the first few lines will be:

100 REMark ASAD Boot program by L. Privett
110 REM Should run on all systems 
120 :
130 SetAddin
140 SetDisplay
150 SetDrives
160 :
170 Main
180 : 
9000 DEFine PROCedure SetAddin
9010  TK2_EXT
9020 END DEFine
9030 :
9100 DEFine PROCedure SetDisplay
9110 REMark Assume nothing
9120  W=512 :changing this later
9130  H0=26 :H1=230 :changing this later
9140 REMark I0 etc to go here
9150 REMark P0 etc. to here
9160  WINDOW #0,0,0,W,H0  :INK#0,I0 :PAPER#0,P0
9160  WINDOW #1,0,0,W,H1  :INK#1,I1 :PAPER#1,P1
9160  WINDOW #2,0,H0,W,H1 :INK#2,I2 :PAPER#2,P2
9170  CLS#2 :CLS#1 :CLS#0

9190 END DEFine
9200 :

more next time

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