Monday 16 July 2012

Update to what I am doing

Well, I read with interest, bits of information trickling through on other sites, you know who you are. The forum has been incredibly quiet the last few months, I may go there and pose a few questions later, we will see.

Overall the QL scene has been quite quiet anyway (sign of the times, another lull) who knows. For me I am still struggling with recuperation, it is taking its time and toll on other projects I want to get moving on (more on than later), suffice to say they are both hardware projects that I hope will work reasonably well based around the BBQL. 

For me to get started proper however requires some impetus on my part that would be helped by better weather, I have not known a June/July like it as far as memory serves me, and when the sun is out it does get me off my backside. Roll on when we eventually do get some decent sunshine, I must becoming a SAD person, as it definitely feels like it.

The Olympics are coming, whoo too, not not really I have little interest in sporting events unless they are right in my face, then I may watch, but i do not go out of my way to do so. I did think however (oh bugger while I write this, the heavens have just opened again and it is another wet cold rainy day here in the South East of England) that there may be some simple programming exercises that could be achieved relatively simply in SuperBASIC. The theme is Ant-Olympics.

All based on simplicity, the ant on the QL screen is a mere single pixel.
Basic control keys are the Spacebar and cursor movement.

Below is a couple of sketches of the idea and I may get around to program a few routines, any volunteers are welcome.

As usual comments are always welcome

One last thing for those interested, the book mentioned in the last post was published in iTunes, however the format is far from what I have preferred, therefore I am currently updating the book slightly and it will be in a slightly better format for more devices to use (but with less bells and whistles), I will post here when it has been uploaded to iTunes and it may be available on other sites too.

I thankyou

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