Friday 30 September 2011

Right back to where you started from

When programming stuff early on the QL, sometimes it is useful to display the character set. Here is another straight forward procedure to display the QL character set, I have deliberately made it simplistic, so newbies or re-newbies will have to adjust 10070 to suit other character sets.

10010 DEFine PROCedure char
10020  OPEN#5, scr_
10030   WINDOW#5, 512,256,0,0
10040   PAPER#5, 7:INK#5, 0
10050   CLS#5: CSIZE#5, 3,0
10060   PRINT#5, VER$
10070    FOR f=32 TO 287
10080     PRINT#5, " ";CHR$(f);
10090    NEXT f
10100  CLOSE#5
10110 END DEFine

A screen shot from Qemulator on the MAC on which it was run is available here vvvvvvvvvv

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