Tuesday 9 August 2011

Atomic (sounds like off topic :) )

In documentation, websites and even emails (and this isn't just QL related), what is it with acronyms?

e.g. IMPS can be displayed as I.M.P.S. but I have seen acronyms displayed as I.M.P.S without the last dot. Now if this is grammatically correct to do so then used at the end of a sentence the full stop is added and thus I.M.P.S. But if not grammatically correct then using I.M.P.S. at the end of a sentence do you then add another  I.M.P.S..?

 I.M.P.S. btw way is fan based Star Wars film in progress (a few years so far) and can be found here.http://www.impstherelentless.com

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The final off topic point I wish to make, is about my disgust at these morons, the actions of the so called youth, jumping on the current bandwagon against the police and government does not justify this.


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