Wednesday 6 July 2011


I had a doh! moment, I don't know why, it never struck me at the time back in the 80's, and it never struck me when revisiting the QL scene, but hey hindsite is everything, perhaps TT really knows the answer to this one.

QJump, the software/hardware company known famously for the Toolkit II plugin-ROM/EPROM that no reputable QL owner should ever be without, even today using the QL without it for the most simplest tasks is fraught with frustration.

Thinking then and now (until recently) about the name was just a passing thought, as with all other QL related stuff, the title had a Q in it, this is to catch the marketing, nod or some other similar aspect of QL related link. Quantum Leap = QL, therefore QJump = Quantum Jump, hey funny, respectful and not as far as a leap but maybe faster as a jump is normally shorter and so gets to the point quicker.

And that would be it, no further thought to QJump save the annoying wavy line extending the Q squiggle a little further. Until recently when watching a video on Youtube it suddenly struck me, a little strike to say the least but a strike none the less. Q can be pronounced and spelt another way, putting a different meaning on the name.

Q = queue, therefore Queue Jump, get in front of the competition, jump past all of those others waiting for something to happen. Now that is far more interesting a concept and also clever, but wait I hear you cry, we all knew that in the first instance, yes well hence my doh! moment, embarrassingly.

The Q wavy line in the logo also makes more sense now :)


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