Saturday 14 May 2011

I was lost in France

Well I might as well have been, losing a laptop data drive really screws everything you rely on and especially if you don't back up.

Two things I hadn't counted on was favourites in Google Chrome web browser, although that is now sorted, losing all the email messages I had in my in and sent box and all stuff I downloaded off Dilwyn's site which went on the C drive download section...hmm that's three things, OK I can't count.

Anyway replacing the 2.5 drive I was again reminded of something not quite QL but indirectly linked. My first PC had a 20Meg hard drive  but it was actually 21.something, the 1024 being the computing equivalent of a 1000 I think, regardless 21.something was a bonus yeh :)

Nowadays you buy 160Gig drives but their not even that, more like 159.something, even before formatting.

Don't the manufacturers of drives realise the psychological importance of us users/buyers thinking where getting something for nothing, well apparently not.

Today's QL user gets loads of stuff for nothing so we should really appreciate it.

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